Monday, September 22, 2008

Ciphers, second first dates and a mission to terminate 'Chuck' entertain in premiere

I just finished watching the second season premiere of "Chuck" and since this isn't an official review of it, I am going to leave it short and sweet.

Basically, the gang picks up literally right when its first season ended. Its action-packed first hour balances the nerdy humor (the Nerd Herders at the Buy More), CIA/NSA ass-kicking and a sweet, sentimental moments between Chuck and Sarah at a Morgan-approved Chinese restaurant. There are so many fantastic moments within the first five minutes that it would be an impossible task to list every funny or awesome thing that happened, but here are some of the highlights:

- Casey, an NSA agent partnered with CIA agent Sarah and Chuck, drives his car straight into a Chinese restaurant where Chuck and Sarah have their second first date only to be surrounded by a bunch of hoodlums and says the best line of the episode, "Did anyone order drive-thru?"

- Ryan McPartlin, the Nerd Herders and Big Mike at the Buy More are all included in the opening credits!

- Captain Awesome working out in the hallway. Hot.

Perhaps the funniest exchange is between Zachary Levi (Chuck) and guest star Michael Clark Duncan (Colt) -
Chuck: What exactly are you doing?
Colt (stretching): Stretching, getting limber.
Chuck: Why are you doing that?
Colt: So I won't pull a muscle when I break your neck. Maybe you should get limber too.

- Casey catches Chuck - by the leg, no less - when he is thrown off the side of a building. Quite touching really.

- Chuck saves the day ... or wait, is it Charles Carmichael?

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