Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Tuesdays are filled with new shows all vying to stay in their coveted place. Two have already premiered ("90210," "Greek"), and some of the most anticipated have still yet to come ("House," "Fringe"). Here's a look at a relatively light night of television.

"The Mentalist" (10 p.m., CBS) NEW
Series premieres Sept. 23

Starring: Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Amanda Righetti, Owain Yeoman
Synopsis: (From TV.com) "The Mentalist" tells the tale of Patrick Jane (Baker) who is employed as an independent detective working with the California Bureau of Investigation to solve crimes. He has refined his observations skills to a near perfect level and lends these skills to the CBI to help them solve cases. The team that he works with consists of the senior agent, Teresa Gibson (Tunney), agents Kimball Cho (Tim Kang) and Wayne Rigsby (Yeoman) and the rookie, Grace Van Pelt (Righetti).
My Prediction: Saw the pilot and thought it was okay - just that, okay. It's essentially another procedural amid the "CSIs," "Law and Orders" and "Without a Traces," but one could say this is different because it uses a "psychic" (really just a very observant dude in nice suits) to help solve their cases. Sound sort of like "Psych"? Yea, it's pretty much the same, only not a light comedy by any means.
Pass, Catch Later or Appointment TV: Catch Later; it's best to watch this in passing. You're not missing much if you don't.

"90210" (8 p.m., CW) NEW
Episode 3 of season 1 airs tonight
Go here to read my review of "90210."

"Privileged" (9 p.m., CW) NEW
Series premiere airs tonight

Starring: Joanna Garcia, Lucy Kate Hale, Ashley Newbrough, Michael Cassidy
Synopsis: (From TV.com) Yale graduate Megan Smith (Garcia) recently moves to Manhattan with hopes of finding success in the field of journalism. However, when her plans go wrong, she accepts a job as the live-in tutor helping two wealthy high school students in Palm Springs get accepted at a top university.
My Prediction: I'm kind of excited to see it tonight. I haven't had a chance to catch it beforehand, but good things have come out about this show.
Pass, Catch Later or Appointment TV: Catch Later; I've heard from many people that this is perhaps one of the smartest and wittiest comedies of the new season, so give it a chance.

"Fringe" (9 p.m., FOX) NEW
Series premiere airs tonight at 8 p.m. (special time)

Starring: Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Mark Valley
Synopsis: (From TV.com) FBI agent Olivia Dunham (Torv) and Peter Bishop (Jackson) are faced with a rapidly spreading unexplained phenomenon of the threatening kind. In an attempt to stop the spread, they enlist the assistance of Bishop's estranged father, the institutionalized scientist Dr. Walter Bishop (Noble).
My Prediction: I saw the two-hour pilot at Comic-Con in July and what I remember is that it was a little on the long side. There were esentially things that were put in there just to try and fill up the time. Hopefully by tonight, the people behind "Fringe" cut it down a little and made it tighter. In the version I saw, the only parts you had to really pay attention to was the beginning and the end - not good for a special premiere. Also, a lot of the lines - especially the ones that Joshua Jackson had - were unnatural and cliche.
Pass, Catch Later or Appointment TV: Appointment TV, but with reservations.

"Greek" (8 p.m., ABC Family)
Episode 3 of season 2 airs tonight

Starring: Spencer Grammer, Jacob Zachar, Scott Michael Foster, Jake McDorman
Synopsis: (From TV.com) In tonight's episode, Casey (Grammer) and Rusty (Zachar) organize a casino night in order to help a debt-plagued Ashleigh (Amber Stevens). Elsewhere, Evan (McDorman) struggles with accepting the fine print on his trust fund. Cappie's (Foster) in need of new car. And, Rebecca (Dilshad Vadsaria) wants more from a relationship but she's not sure if she'll get it from Cappie.
My Prediction: I've followed this show since the beginning and loved every minute of it. Loved ... it's time to move on.
Pass, Catch Later or Appointment TV: Pass

"Eli Stone" (10 p.m., ABC)
Season 2 premieres Oct. 14
Starring: Jonny Lee Miller, Victor Garber, Natasha Henstridge, Loretta Devine
Synopsis: (From TV.com) In a nutshell, this show follows the tale of a San Francisco lawyer (Miller) who finds out he has prophetic powers and decides to use them for good.
My Prediction: Fantastic cast, interesting premise and highly entertaining. "Eli Stone" has to be the most underrated returning series of the new season and that's a shame, because each episode keeps you on the edge of your seat - literally.
Pass, Catch Later or Appointment TV: Appointment TV

"House" (8 p.m, FOX)
Season 5 premieres Sept. 16

Starring: Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps, Jennifer Morrison, Jesse Spencer
Synopsis: Do we really need to figure out what "House" is about? Let's just say its previous season was by far one of the most intense seasons yet, and that itself is an understatement.
My Prediction: Um ... this show is the quintessential case study for a dramatic comedy. I've seen the first two episodes and they are both perfect in their own ways. You'll see what I mean when they air.
Pass, Catch Later or Appointment TV: Appointment TV

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