Saturday, September 6, 2008

'Daisies' follows suit and adds guest stars

Better late than never, multiple sources have stated that "Pushing Daisies" has added some notable names for its upcoming sophomore season.

Stephen Root (from "Office Space") will be joining the cast for a one-episode stint as a character that will link Ned the Piemaker's father and Chuck's father.

Comedian Fred Willard will also be appearing in a November episode (for sweeps). The episode will center on a murder of a well-known illusionist Great Hermann, played by Willard.

Also, in related "Pushing Daisies" news (sort of), the lovely Jayma Mays (Charlie on "Ugly Betty" and Elsa on "Daisies") has just been cast in her own hourlong FOX comedy, "Glee," according to The Hollywood Reporter. So it looks like she won't be coming back to the Piemaker's world anytime soon. But best of luck to the new series; she totally deserves it!

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