Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Live blogging during the premiere of "Privileged"

First time doing this; let's see how it goes ...

9:03 p.m.: Fantastic song to open up a new series. Can't go wrong with Paolo Nutini.
9:04 p.m.: Michael Cassidy as Charlie equals perfection.
9:04 p.m.: Love the vibe. I can already tell that this is going to be a fantastic series. Reminds me of "Devil Wears Prada" and "Confessions of a Shopaholic."
9:08 p.m.: Missed a couple of minutes, thanks to a phone call.
9:08 p.m.: What's up with the fantastic music?! I want all these songs!
9:13 p.m.: Smart, witty dialogue. That's all Rina Mimoun.
9:14 p.m.: I never knew how great of an actress JoAnna Garcia was until this show.
9:18 p.m.: Charlie and Megan have such a cool friendship.
9:25 p.m.: The two girls Megan is tutoring are funny. I do prefer the sister that's not Sage though.
9:26 p.m.: Wow the mom is a little harsh. She is grading Megan on the grades the girls get; doesn't matter how they get them.
9:27 p.m.: Hot guy alert!
9:28 p.m.: Ooh, he's the neighbor. What is his name?!
9:31 p.m.: He's a trust fund baby! Man, he's kind of attractive. His dad works at Random House or something like that. He's a sports photographer. Seems like there's some depth under the hotness. That's always nice.
9:33 p.m.: The girls need a mother, er, older sister figure. They'll thank Megan later.
9:38 p.m.: Aw, I almost teared up. I'm already invested in Megan's story.
9:42 p.m.: What's up with Sage? There's definitely something going on there.
9:49 p.m.: Hot guy!
9:55 p.m.: Awkward, funny encounter between Rose, Megan, Megan's sister Lily and Will (the hot guy).
9:58 p.m.: Megan is slowly making her way into the inner circle. Yikes.

All in all, I loved the premiere. I am definitely tuning in next week.

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