Friday, October 3, 2008

CW orders pre-Robin series, 'The Graysons'

Oh CW. You take one step forward with "Gossip Girl" and Privileged," but take five steps back when you order a pilot of a pre-"Batman series centered on Dick Grayson before he becomes the Batman's partner-in-crime. Network, what are you thinking?! Or are you even thinking at all?

According to Variety, "The Graysons" will be similar in style and tone to another superhero show "Smallville." It will be produced by the same guys from "Smallville" and McG ("The O.C.," "Terminator: Salvation").

Is this potential "Smallville" replacement going to alter Dick Grayson's origins? It's pretty clear how he came to be Robin. Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch comments on why "The Graysons" is the worst idea of the week. I'll go even as far as to say, year. Here is their take on it:

1) Dick Grayson's origin story goes like this: He was a kid when his circus-acrobat parents died in an "accident" engineered by very bad men. He's taken in by Bruce Wayne, who channels the kid's fury into fighting crime, and gives him a girl's/bird's name to do it. Not a whole lot there to base a TV show around, unless you monkey with his origin to a point where it's unrecognizable. Which is exactly what they're doing. According to the Variety piece, The Graysons "will be set in modern times, young DJ will face challenges involving first loves, young rivals and his family as he grows up." Ecch.

2) They're changing his name to D.J. Grayson. Look, I get that you don't want your hero to be called "Dick" all the time. But what's wrong with "Richard'? Every time I hear "D.J." I think its going to be followed by "and the Bear."

3) Of all the DC Comics properties to make a TV show out of, this is the wrong one to choose. Hell, even if you wanted to make a Batman-related show, to capitalize on The Dark Knight's success, there are far better choices. Here's one, of the top of my very large head: Gotham Central, a police procedural that shows how the cops deal with all the stuff Batman doesn't have time for. You never once have to show Batman, it's not his show. So, no tights. But you still have access to the entire Batman rogues gallery. You do that one right, it's like Law and Order...but 23 percent more awesome.

4) See No. 2. Blurg.

Um, tell me about it.

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