Friday, October 10, 2008

(OT) Final 'Twilight' trailer reveals everything and leaves nothing

I know this isn't quite television, but after viewing the final "Twilight" trailer that was released a few days ago, I must say that I was disappointed with what I saw. A trailer is supposed to engage an audience and persuade them to go out and see that movie because of the two and a half minutes they just saw, not give you the entire plot (and resolution).

I will say that "Twilight" is different, in the sense that everyone pretty much knows what happens at the end of the first book, but that still doesn't justify the need to show the climax of the book/film (the fight scene in the dance studio between Bella, Edward and James). With that being said, I will probably go see it when it comes out on November 21, but only because I'm a curious fellow.

Are you guys going to watch it when it comes out? Any thoughts on the final trailer, maybe even the music?

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Brent said...

Ugh, this looks horrid. It really looks like a cheap ABC Family movie rather than some big box office hit.

I'm biased, though, considering I think these books seem rather crappy to begin with. I've only flipped through them, but the plot seems way too full of Mary Sues and eye-roll worthy stuff for my taste. I guess being a 23 year old guy, these books weren't targeted at me.

I do wonder what people, mostly girls I assume, see in these novels. Care to enlighten me? I'm not judging anyone for enjoying them, I'm just baffled as to why they've become so popular when imo they don't seem worthy of all the attention.