Friday, October 31, 2008

ROUNDUP: Jon Hamm, 'Privileged', 'Doctor Who' and more

Here's this week's most noteworthy television news, including casting, guest stars, episode orders, cancellations and everything else you can think of!

- Rumors have been swirling that Jon Hamm of "Mad Men" will be making a multi-episode appearance on "30 Rock." Though the deal isn't final, I'm banking that he'll appear on the comedy staple in one form or another. He will be playing Liz Lemon's neighbor and potential love interest. Squee!

- Numerous sources report that David Tennant, the British actor who has played the Doc on "Doctor Who" for the past few seasons, will leave his post after the four "Doctor Who" specials air next year. Thoughts on his departure?

- I've come across many different news items about Strike.TV, a website for Hollywood writers, directors and actors to put their stuff online without the hindrance of executive types. One of my personal favorites is Mindy Kaling's "House Poor."

- Fox has finally canceled "King of the Hill."

- CW wants a "Melrose Place" remake (the original was a spinoff of "Beverly Hills, 90210") and Jennie Garth doesn't want any part in it.

- BREAKING: ABC has picked up full season of "Samantha Who?" Now all that's left for them is to pick up "Pushing Daisies" ...

- Dave Franco, James' little brother, will join the cast of "Privileged" as Rose's love interest. Thing is, he wouldn't appear onscreen until 2009, which means the CW needs to get a move on and pick up the back nine.

- In other casting news on "Privileged," Megan's mom will be played by Sharon Lawrence. Her arc is expected to last two episodes and the first of which will air in January.

- The CW has upped episode orders for three of its shows: "Gossip Girl" will now air 25 episodes (instead of 24), "One Tree Hill" will air 24 and "90210" will also shoot 24.

- "Pushing Daisies" will not return until November 19 with special guest star Fred Willard.

- Some news on NBC series "Kings," which stars Sebastian Stan ("Gossip Girl," "The Covenant"), Ian McShane and Christopher Egan ("Vanished"), Macaulay Culkin joins an impressive guest star roster that includes Miguel Ferrer ("Crossing Jordan"), Leslie Bibb ("Popular") and Michael Stahl-David ("The Black Donnellys").

- Dominic Monaghan joins "Chuck" for a guest stint on the February 2 episode. He plays a British rock star targeted by some very evil men.

- "Brothers and Sisters" has cast relative unknown Luke Grimes for the coveted role of the real "bastard" child, Ryan Lafferty. Grimes is an up-and-coming actor who has apparently caught the attention of many higher-ups.

- Major "Gossip Girl" spoiler here: B*r* B*s* is the one who dies. Not all that surprising, hm?

- For all you Daniel Craig fans out there, Mary McNamara talks "Archangel," an older project Craig did that is finally surfacing on American television. Will you watch?

- Courteney Cox and Bill Lawrence (creator of "Scrubs") are teaming up to bring you "Cougar Town" on ABC.

- "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" scribes Patrick Walsh and Sonny Lee have sold a comedy pilot to Fox called "Broke Friends." Congrats guys!

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