Friday, October 31, 2008

Rumors that 'Pushing Daisies' has been axed are untrue

Apparently rumors have been swirling last night about the fate of one of the most beloved shows on television right now, "Pushing Daisies." However, what was rumored to be true has been proven to be just a small fib - for the time being.

We know that "Daisies" has been struggling ratings-wise to match up to its first season. But, if Wednesday's ratings (which jumped up close to a million viewers and was a season high) is any indication of good things to come, then our favorite piemaker is bound for greatness and well, baking those delicious-looking pies every week.

That's not to say those rumors weren't unfounded. As we all know, there is always an ounce of truth that fuels the fire and that's the case here. The current rumor was, according to E!'s Watch with Kristin, that episode 13 was to be treated as a series finale. Now here's where things get fishy. Since "Daisies" hasn't yet received a back-nine pick-up, production is essentially finished ... for the time being. The truth of the matter is, episodes 13 and 14 supposed to be a two-parter, but with the possibility that the show might not return after this season's 13th, the network wanted to make sure they covered all their bases (aka playing it safe).

So as of right now, "Daisies" is almost done with production (if not done), and all they're waiting for is the network to decide if they want to tack on the last nine episodes of the season. No decision will be made until after November 4 as the network wants to see how the show does post-election. Kristin Dos Santos found out that if episode 13 was the last episode of the series, much of the storylines would still be left hanging and as we all know, that's not the best way to please the 6 million loyal viewers each week.

Here's the motto for the day: Please watch next week's episode and the one after that, and the one after that. "Pushing Daisies" needs your help and it might not survive its sophomore season if ratings keep tumbling.

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